9/23/2017, God is sending a sign to the world. 

It will be...

It will mean...

…in the stars, in the nighttime sky above Israel. This sign means that the Rapture is, Biblically, truly getting near (Read Systematic Eschatology, Free). Jesus said that everything connected to The End will happen within the time of a generation (Matt. 24:34). The signals God is sending…and the events He is directing…and the words He has given us in prophecy…all these things indicate that we are now within that generation of time (Read Systematic Eschatology).

God has said that two or three witnesses establish a matter. This is God’s way of establishing truth (Deuteronomy 19:15, John 8:17).

God will give us one witness this coming September, in the stars. On September 23, we will see a star pattern that perfectly matches the vision in Revelation 12:  “a woman clothed with the sun (a bright star), and the moon under her feet, and upon her head a crown of twelve stars.” Stellarium is a program that testifies to this.

Another witness is the great growth of true understanding about Revelation 12—that this chapter is about the Rapture, before the Tribulation. According to Daniel 12:4, true knowledge of prophetic things will increase as we near the End. Daniel’s prophecy is being fulfilled today. 

Our flesh hears scholars and church leaders tell us “no one can know when the Rapture is” (Read Mark 13:32, Who Knows? Jesus couldn't be trusted... and watch the video, When is the Rapture - Jesus teaches the Rapture). There have been many attempts by men, through deviations, predicting and date setting that has only partly used God’s word, which has obviously made them false. Further, the world tells us that any kind of talk about God and the Rapture is, well, stupid. So Christians, especially in America, have been duped by Satan…who is the author of lies, stealing and death.

Thankfully, God wants us to know His word…and ALL of it…including the 33% that is prophetic.

God wanting us to know is not important, if WE don’t want to know!!!

If we want to know if the Rapture is getting near, we need two or three witnesses that are confirmed by the Bible. God has given us these witnesses in Scripture, so we can know when the Rapture is getting very near (Read Systematic Eschatology!!!). If we are seeking the Lord without the bias of man’s bias, He will fulfill His promise of John 16:13, so that the Rapture will not surprise us like a thief (I Thessalonians 5:4-5 most people in the church, including our teachers do not know the true meaning of 'like a thief.' Read Systematic Eschatology and you will know!). Remember…Jesus said “Watch so you are not caught unaware.” 

What are YOU watching for? (Read the book!!!) 

When it comes to the Rapture. We can follow our flesh. We can drift off in our emotions. We can be intimidated by the world and at our churches that shun the gift of Bible prophecy... 

Or, we can listen to God through the Holy Spirit (John 16:13), because HE wants us to know friends!!!