Aaaah... The Harmony of Revelation. 

Frequently in the Bible, God repeats the events in order to add other details or another perspective. 

--The Event is in the center of the chart.

--Heaven's viewpoint verses are on the left.

--Earth's viewpoint verses are on the right.

When Jesus provides two viewpoints (Heaven and Earth) of the same event happening at the same time... The chart shows verses on both sides of the chart.

For example, as the trumpets are blown in Heaven, the vials are poured out on Earth, in order and at the same exact time. This is crucial to Revelation's timeline understanding.


Revelation                                                                                   Revelation

   4-11                                           and                                            12-16


HEAVEN's View                         EVENT                                 EARTH's View

4:1-3                                          Rapture                                          12:1-5

4:4-11                                Saints in Heaven

5:1-7                            The Seven-Sealed Book

5:8-14          Saints Sing the Redemption Song in Heaven

                     Satan Attempts to Prevent the Resurrection          12:3-4

                                 War with Satan and His Angels                    12:7-8

                                     Satan Cast Down to Earth                         12:9-12

                         Satan Persecutes the Church Left Behind          12:13-17

                             The Universal Power of the Beast                    13:1-8

                                          The Satanic Trinity                                13:11-18

6:1-8     The Four Horsemen --- Gospel Preached by Agents   14:6-20

                     from Heaven Amid Judgements and Plagues

6:9-11          Tribulation Saints Waiting Their Resurrection

6:12-17         Earthquakes and Falling Stars Hinder Satan          12:15-16

7:1-8                144,000 Saved Israelites Remain on Earth            14:1-5

7:9-17                       All Tribulation Saints Raised

8:1-5                   Preparation for Seven Last Plagues                   15:1-8

8:7                     1st Trumpet, 1st Vial --- The Earth                      16:1-2

8:8-9                  2nd Trumpet, 2nd Vial --- The Sea                     16:3

8:10-11               3rd Trumpet, 3rd Vial --- The Rivers                  16:4-7

8:12-13                4th Trumpet, 4th Vial --- The Sun                    16:8-9

9:1-12       5th Trumpet, 5th Vial --- The Seat of the Beast         16:10-11

9:13-21       6th Trumpet, 6th Vial --- The River Euphrates         16:12

10:1-11          Christ Takes Legal Possession of the Earth

                      Satan Counters by Marshalling His Forces            16:13-16

11:1-13            The Two Witnesses and Their Message               16:15

11:15-19      7th Trumpet, 7th Vial --- The Return of Christ       16:17-21



All Things New,

by Arthur Bloomfield

(Bethany House Publisher, Minneapolis)