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Heavenly Viewpoint

Let the Holy Spirit guide us into ALL truth and show us things to come. John 16:13

Revelation 12, Return of Christ, Rapture, Revelation/Daniel Time Line
(Click on the chart below for a video guide of the next 5 pages)

The foundation:

  • The Book of Revelation provides THE chronological foundation for End Times Prophecies. 
  • Daniel's 70th week fits into and adds information to what will happen during the Revelation timeline.
  • The Olivet Discourse (Matthew, Mark and Luke) fits into the timeline of Revelation, AND adds to the timeline BEFORE and AFTER the Rapture.
  • Numerous verses add to the clarity of the Revelation timeline.
  • The Jewish Festivals are foreshadows of Revelation's Chronology (See: Systematic Eschatology)

Navigating the chart:

  1. Top left of the chart (below) are the words "Time Zones" highlighted in yellow, and extending across the page to the right.
  2. The time zones are in chronological order left to right, labeled A-H, they DO NOT overlap, with the earliest time zone to the left and the last time zone to the right.
  3. Everything listed below the time zone letter (i.e. "E") happens within that time zone ONLY.

The Seven (7) Categories in the far left, have been seperated to help us teach each category with clarity. Without a chart, verses can be placed in areas that contradict other verses. With a chart, we are thankful to see the Harmony of Revelation and ALL verses agree with each other. If a verse doesn't fit, we are wrong and MUST change our minds and biases to align with His plan. Thinking this way, allows the Holy Spirit to accomplish John 16:13.

  1. Under the words, "Time Zones" are seven categories.
  2. Revelation's Heavenly Scene Ch. 4-11, is the first category.
  3. Revelation's Earthly Scene Ch. 12-16, is the second category.
  4. Matthew, Mark and Luke (Olivet Discourse and related), is the third category.
  5. Related Scriptures is the fourth category. 
  6. Feasts of Israel.
  7. The Lengths of each Time Period are provided in the fifth category.
  8. "Heading" though they are listed at the bottom.

Revelation Time Line, Heavenly Viewpoint

  • The first 6 Seals take place under Time Zone E. 
  • The martyred believers from E: a worship service in heaven: preparation for the 7 plagues: takes place BEFORE the 7th Seal is opened.
  • OUT OF, or, through the opening of the 7th Seal are the 7 Trumpets blown