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Matthew, Mark and Luke Viewpoint

The Last Days Timeline, Matthew, Mark & Luke added under the Earthly View Point, and the Heavenly View Point

The Heavenly and Earthly Scenes are the foundation to understanding The Last Days Timeline. Adding the Olivet Discourse and other verses in Matthew, Mark and Luke, can accurately be accomplished AFTER the understanding of the foundation. 

Navigating the Chart:

  1. Time Zone B, the Olivet Discourse details. Key points:
    1. Do not be deceived... 
    2. Many Claim to be Christ...
    3. Wars, rumors of wars...
    4. The End is Not Yet...
  2. As we move into Time Zone C, notice the tremendous differences between Time Zone B and C.
    1. In Time Zone B we are told by Jesus to not be deceived!
    2. Jesus tells us that "...many will claim to be Christ...during wars and rumors of wars...but the end is not yet..." The Rapture CAN NOT BE imminent during this period, because Jesus told us, the end is not yet!
    3. However, the message that Christ can return at Any Moment (imminence), must be preached at the wrong time during Time Zone B so that the great falling away takes place as prophesied in 2 Thessalonians 2:3 (read Imminence... Yes... But Not Now Here's Why...)
    4. Many in the Church will fail to recognize when The End actually IS near because of believing the false message of imminence at the wrong time. Then, during the time of Peace and Safety that follows, many Believers will loose hope and will not expect the Rapture when it actually IS imminent, during a time of "Peace and Safety"...Time Zone C. Yet, there will still be overcomers!!!
    5. Which is why Jesus again tells us "watch so you will be ready." Ready for "...your redemption draws near..." the Rapture/Catching Up (Luke 21:28).
    6. The events of Time Zone B and C can not happen at the same time. The Rapture CAN'T be near in Time Zone B, but WILL be near in Time Zone C!
  3. Time Zone C, the days of Noah... no one knew the end was near except Noah. Watch so you will be ready. As individuals, when the time is near, we can each be "Noah's."
  4. What do I watch for? Ready for what?
    1. I've been told Jesus can come at any moment, not to watch for anything. 
    2. No one in the Church is telling me to watch or what to watch for, so how can I be ready?
  5. The reason for this is already laid out in a prophetic statement which is this: The Laodicean Church in Time Zone C, lukewarm, wretched, poor, miserable, blind and naked, have no desire to watch for anything or know WHAT to watch for, as mentioned above. However, you WILL know the Truth, if you are an Overcomer... 
    1. "WE" are individuals within "The Church" that will be blind and naked. It is written, and both are true! 
    2. But WE don't have to be "...blind and naked..." as individuals within the Laodicean Church. There will be individuals that hear the calling of the Holy Spirit and His Truth, and know when the Rapture is near. For the Believers that remain "blind and naked" within the Church, after the Rapture, the Lord will use them for His Testimony.
    3. Some answers...
  6. Let the Spirit guide us into all truth and show us things to come through these articles, so we know what to, "watch for" and how to, "watch." 
    1. Imminence... Satan's FALSE Message? What about Daniel 2? and 
    2. Mark 13:32, Who Knows? Jesus Couldn't be Trusted? including the article
    3. Mark 13:32 "But..." IF NOT for the Greek, are three steps towards understanding. Video: Diety of Christ and When is the Rapture/Mark 13:32 
  7. Time Zone D, verses are filling in. 
  8. Time Zone E, the Harmony of Revelation in the Heavenly Scene with the Earthly Scene coincide with the Olivet Discourse. 
  9. Time Zone G, continued Harmony of Revelation with the Olivet Discourse.

Revelation Time Line, Heavenly, Earthly Viewpoint Combined with Matthew, Mark and Luke

  • Reiterating...Time Zone B is completely different from Time Zone C.
  • Why didn't we put the verses from Matthew, Mark and Luke that are sitting in Time Zone G into Time Zone F? After all, the verses in Time Zone G follow directly after those placed in Time Zone E? So doesn't it make sense to put those verses in F?
  • Welcome to how God speaks prophetically. The chart is established by Revelation: The foundation of Revelation provides the harmony of the Heavenly and Earthly scenes. The Matthew, Mark and Luke verses MUST fit in HARMONY with the Revelation verses. So they align with Time Zone G. As simple as that sounds...it is that simple. We aren't forcing verses to fit where they would contradict Revelation. 

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